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Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in mediation, training, team building and facilitation. We have assisted organizations from the profit, nonprofit, educational, health care and high-tech fields.

Our work is professional, confidential and highly effective.

Zena D. Zumeta, J.D.

Zena D. Zumeta, J.D.Zena Zumeta is an attorney, mediator, trainer and facilitator. She works with organizations to assist them in helping their departments, work teams, and labor-management teams work together effectively and productively. A graduate of Smith College and the University of Michigan Law School, Zena has been a mediator since 1981, and attorney, trainer and labor negotiator since 1975, and has worked with organizations since 1971. Zena is a co-founder and past director of the Ann Arbor Mediation Center, and is president of Mediation Training & Consultation Institute and The Collaborative Workplace.

John P. Hansen, Ph.D.

John P. Hansen, Ph.D.John Hansen is a career educator whose passion for public education has carried him from the classroom to the boardroom with side trips to the lecture hall and the Michigan Legislature. He has served as President of his local union and as chief negotiator for several boards of education. His experience on both sides of the bargaining table has given him a knack for finding the middle of many difficult issues. While in the Legislature he served as minority chair of the House Education Committee and was also a member of the appropriations committee. His even-handed nature and his good humor help keep things cool and calm at the bargaining table and he always seems to have a story to illustrate a point or break the tension during difficult moments. John has been active in Washtenaw County for many years as a community volunteer and remains involved on various boards and commissions.